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Q. Why should I offer airbrush tanning?

A. Airbrush tanning is a very popular service with a great profit margin. The booths that apply DHA solution can cost up to $55,000. HVLP machines are less than a thousand, even with solution and training airbrushing is much cheaper- not to mention it gives a much better tan! With the latest technology advancements in the airbrush tanning industry on top of customer’s increased health awareness the days of tanning beds are soon to be over. So give your clients an option to get the great tan they’re wanting while making them feel like celebrities with their own custom airbrush tan.

Q. How long will an airbrush tan last?

A. Our solution will typically last for 4-10 days depending on how well the skin was prepped and how well it is taken care of after. We offer complementary products for resale by salons and individual techs.

Q. What should I charge for my airbrush tanning service?

A. Like all services, this is going to depend on your local market, the other services available in your salon and of course, technical skill. On average a single application is in the $35-75 range, though packages are almost always offered which will lower the price per application.

Q. What results should I or my client expect?

A. Our solution contains both DHA and Erythrulose as well as a topical bronzer. The bronzer will give immediate color of course, but it’s main job is simply to allow the technician to see where they are spraying. It will for the most part wash off in the shower. The actual tan will begin developing immediately and continue for the next 12 hours. The results will be skin that is 1 to 2 shades darker than the shade of the bronzer. Multiple applications can be done to result in a darker tan.

Q. How long does it take to apply?

A. Colour Couture Technician are taught to, with practice, be able to apply a single application in as little as 5 minutes! After factoring in getting undressed, the drying time of about 5 minutes, and redressing, you can average a total time of less than 20 minutes for an airbrush session.

Q. What should my client do to prepare for an airbrush tanning session?

A. On the night prior to or the morning of their session, clients should exfoliate thoroughly. This prepares the skin by cleaning it as well as removing dead skin cells which would create an uneven tan. We offer our own Pre-Party Scrub which uses sugar to exfoliate while moisturizing the sin. Skin should also be free from applied products like lotion, deodorant and makeup.

Q. What should my client wear to the airbrush tanning session?

A. Loose fitting clothing to the tanning appointment is recommended. Client can be wrapped in a towel or spa wrap while they dry before getting dressed.

Q. How soon can I or my client take a shower after an airbrush tan?

A. Allow 10-12 hours after the tanning session before showering. DHA needs around 8 hours to fully develop while the Erythrulose takes longer, around 12 hours. Colour Couture always recommends that our clients wait until the morning after their tan to shower.

Q. How do I or my client maintain my airbrush tan?

A. Hydrated skin retains a tan best. Apply moisturizer the morning and evening after the first tan, and continue to moisturize daily thereafter. Our Tan Extender Lotion moisturizes the skin as well as adding a light touch of color with each application.

Q. What equipment do I need?

A. As well as the HVLP Mini Mist Machine it is good to have a fan to speed up the drying process. It’s also helpful to have hand towels, face wipes and wraps.

Q. s a special room required?

A. A spray area of at least 4′x8′ is recommended. If the area is enclosed a ventilation fan will be needed. A hard floor is preferred for easiest clean up, but outdoor carpet may be used. You will also need easy to clean, or dark colored walls. For mobile techs and salons with little space to spare we suggest a Pop-Up Tanning Tent.

Q. How many applications does 1 gallon of solution yield?

A. The standard application range is 2-4 ounces of solution per client, depending upon the size of the client and how dark they’d like to go. At 2 oz per client, each gallon would have about 64 applications; at 3 ounces, about 42 applications.

Q. What is the cost per application?

A. The cost of application depends both on the amount used (addressed in the prior question) and the cost of solution. Our signature solution Socialite costs $127.50 (not including tax and shipping). So the average cost would be $1.99- $3.05 per customer, less if bought by the case. This gives a great profit margin. While some may be tempted to buy a cheaper solution, remember that the cost of a dissatisfied customer is high.

Q. Do you have a dvd that I can learn from?

A. Colour Couture does not sell an educational dvd. We don’t believe that students can learn to airbrush effectively from a dvd. While it’s possible to learn some basic techniques, we aren’t comfortable allowing a technician to call themselves “Colour Couture Certified” without personal hands on training.

We discourage dvd training because in every one we’ve seen there is only one model used, a young woman with a perfect body and flawless skin. This is not an accurate representation of who your clientele will be. Every person is different with unique needs. Trial and Error is really the best way people learn how to become successful airbrush tanning techs. This is why in Colour Couture’s training classes each student is assigned multiple models to practice on. Unfortunately the result of improper training is customer alienation- you aren’t going to get a second chance if you give a customer a bad tan!